What to Write in an Anniversary Card to Husband or Wife

What to write in an Anniversary Card

Pondering what to write in an Anniversary Card to your husband or wife? Need a little help? A little inspiration?

I’m not surprised.  Be it for your wife, husband or for a member of the family, even friends, it can be really tricky to come up with the right words to put down in ink.

You want to get it right, for your message of love  to be meaningful, romantic, personal but not cheesy, overly sentimental or naff.

Anniversary card for wife To My Gorgeous Husband Anniversary Card


But it really doesn’t have to be complicated, tricky and there is no need to be tongue tied (should that be pen tied?!)) Sometimes the simplest messages are the best.  It probably goes without saying that “I love you”  would most likely be very welcome and does in itself speak volumes.

Happy Anniversary Card

Joyful phrases include classics  which can be written in anniversary cards as they stand or personalised appropriately

“You had me at hello”      Or other such words from a first meeting to each other……

“I love you to the moon and back”     

In our house it takes on a little Buzz Lightyear and becomes

“I love you to the moon, eternity and beyond”  

Stock response….“I love you to the moon, eternity and beyond…and back again”.      

Nothing wrong with Top Love Trumps!!

Short but romantic and loving.  For longer messages of what to write in an anniversary card, how about the wording from our gorgeous I Love You spoon, perfect for an anniversary

I Love You Cutlery Commission Stamped Spoon

I Love You Cutlery Commission Stamped Spoon

            I loved you then
           I love you still
          I always have
         I always will.

       Melts my heart just writing it!





Why not choose from some of  meaningful, loving phrases below, mixing and matching, adding some of your own words to make it really personal.

To my beautiful wife/gorgeous husband on our anniversary.  

I love you more and more each day.

My love for you grows stronger with every passing minute.

Each and every day with you is blessing and an honour.  

May we always be this happy.

You love and care for me everyday, and I for you.

Just being with you makes me so very happy.

You fill my heart with joy each and every day.

My life with you is complete.

No-one makes me laugh and gives me joy like you do.

I didn’t know it was possible to love someone so very much.

We have more ideas in our Inspiring Quotes of Love, from poetry and love songs, do take a peek!

If you have written or received joyful, heart lifting words of love and would like to share them with us, do let us know in the comments below and we will pass them on.   We often find that people use our Facebook Page too, to share and surprise their partners! Do pop by, like us and leave a message.

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